Friday, November 21, 2008

Expecting great things (and people)

We are getting ready to have Kristen, Eric, and Camie come for a month!  Yahooey!  We've cleaned the carpets, made a bedroom downstairs, and are trying to de-junk some (isn't it amazing).

I'm glad we'll all be together for Christmas.  We'll get family pictures.  Kristen, you choose the colors because your wardrobe is probably the most limited.

We just went to Sheena's band concert.  She has a couple of other good friends who are flutists.  We all met at the Arctic Circle afterwards for a treat.  She and her buddies were having a good ole' time.  I'll see if I can upload some of the concert on here or facebook sometime.

By the way, Big J's had a fire in the back of it one early Sunday morning.  It's been closed for months, and will be for months.  WE MISS IT!  I guess we could go to Richmond if we had to.

Tomorrow is the Utah/BYU football game.  The 'Steaders are coming over at four to watch the game with us.  Ya'all want to come?!? They're bringing hamburger buns and TRIFLE, we'll supply hamburgers and homemade oven fries (from our garden potatoes).  My mouth is watering, and I'm full!

Its been a privilege to go visiting teaching this month.  I've gotten to choose the message from the conference report.  I taped the talks and have listened to them  several times.  The Brethren want us to learn to share, be happy no matter what happens, and be ready for change.  Its very sobering.  I'm glad to be simplifying life, like they suggested.  I gave Elder Perry's talk on simplifying life.

Well, that's it for now.  Oh, yea, Dad and I got a new select air comfort bed.  We each can choose the number for firmness or softness.  This is our second night in it.  I really liked it our first.

Love ya all,

Mom (Susan)

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