Monday, September 12, 2011


ABOUT 9/11:

Last night at a program in Logan a man said that 9/11 was like Pearl Harbor to our parents and Kennedy's assassination to us (though I was only 6).

We talked about 9/11 with our girls in the morning before the Tabernacle Choir broadcast about it. I think there were other programs on Discovery and History channels.

I had lived in New York City and had been on the top of the buildings. It was my city, too.

BUT! A few years ago a man named Lance Richardson gave a fireside here in Preston. He had written a book called The Message. He had died, then came back, and wrote about his experience. I asked him what he thought about 9/11. His answer astounded me. He said he was so incredibly excited for all those people and the amazing experiences they had after they died. I'm sure they would have incredible peace and love from then on. It's just that their families miss them like crazy. Plus, it was a horrible act. But I feel that his answer is a true about the event.