Sunday, July 26, 2009

Green Cousin Campout

It was SO fun. Kinzi, Ken and TreVonn (10) were there; Lance, Tracy, and their 5 littles (Arian goes into 8th grade!); Gill & Kath; Grandma & Grandpa; Dave, Mo, Seth & Levi, and US! We drove 3 hours to Grandpa's Thursday night; met up with Lauralee before we headed off. It took a little extra time to get there, because we passed DeAnne's driveway (I wasn't watching) by about 5 slow miles and had to come back. We 'bout ran out of gas--'twas exciting.

The funnest thing of all turned out to be HAMMOCKS. Grandma and Grandpa gave me one back that I supposedly had given them. We hung it up and it was an instant hit. It bucks kids off very easily. So the kids created a game that two would get in facing each other and try to kick and turn the other person out first. Aysha was a little stronghold. Then Seth and Levi got their hammock out. It didn't have a wooden stick in each end to hold it open, so the kids would cocoon it around themselves and get swung in all kinds of positions. Some times they'd even go all the way around, upside down.

The only other people there were some of DeAnne's kids, Mary and Harley Gillman, and my cousin, Bonny Thornton and her husband, Gordon, from Las Vegas.

Dave and Grandpa were so good to let us use their 4 wheelers and motorcycle. The prettiest spot was when both sides of the trail had blue flowers about 5 feet high.

I mostly liked gabbing to everyone. We had our trailers in a circle (like circling up the wagons at night) and it was really fun. Saturday morning Aubrey, Rich and his three, Jaxon, Hunter and Makin came. Gladene and Keith showed up right as we were leaving. We made it home in 5 hours; Dad drove the whole way. It's so fun and time efficient to walk, watch movies lying down, use the bathroom, or make food while we're traveling.

It's funny that the driver can't even hear our new stereo system for the noise of the traveling motor home. Maybe we can put in some speakers right by the driver.

On the way down my right foot COOKED by the engine. I smelled my rubber shoes melting. So when Dad drove he figured out that he'd better take the hood off, so more air could enter. He put it in the motor home, and then his foot didn't cook.

On the way driving into the cabin on the dusty road, one of the back windows was open a little. The air inside the motor home filled with dust, and we had a nice layer everywhere (including my head) when it settled. It was so nice to just get it clean here at home.

So very fun and nice with a motor home.

Oh, and Lance and Kree rode on a horse with Zaya and Kiya alone on a horse behind him. We all immediately stressed out when we saw them. Well, some other person's loose horses spooked the one with the little girls. It trotted a tiche and they slid off. Kiya fell on Zaya (who probably weighs more though she's a year younger). Zaya may have hurt her arm (so I told her the Lauralee 2 arm story) and I put a sling on her--she thought she was the coolest thing, and I think Kree was disgusted she didn't get one (she's the more dominant of the two).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pinewood Derby for Gents

We just got back from an Elders/High Priests Pinewood Derby. There were no rules. One guy had a 3 foot dowel sticking out the front so it would win every time. John Kezele (in the bishopric) had a remote control propeller on the back of his--boy could that thing zoom! One guy is handicapped and he got so excited when he'd win. I took my 4 cub scout derbies plus got 1/3 way through making a snowmobile one for my man. It was fun. Very weirdly, it was the first church dinner I've been to without a dessert. I really felt the lack, so I'm ready to get one right now!