Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hello People,

How's it going? Today it rained cats and dogs (at least 3 cats in our yard). I think we live in a rain forest now--it's been raining off and on--mostly on--for weeks.

I hope the seeds in our garden grow instead of mold.

Tonight Kallie and I went to help a friend with a crocheting project. She has 7 sons. The boys were asking me if I went to school with her. Actually I was married with a baby when I met her. She was 7. I taught her 4-H crocheting when she was 9, and I had two babies.

School has been out for 5 days now and my friend is going stir crazy. She asked me if I wanted to take some boys home. I told the second oldest he could come home with us, but he didn't get the kitchen cleaned up in time. Kallie wanted to bring the baby home, but his mommy would miss him too much. I offered to take another one and his mom said, "No, he's the best one--you can't take him!"

They have 2 cute little puppies. I love feel their fat little ears.

We saw Camie Cutie and Kristen on AIM today. Camie was smiling like wacko at her mommy. Kallie and Sheena kept saying how cute! Stephanie and Lauralee--download AIM and see them! and click "Install Now."

The 'Steaders left on their mission to Cody, Wyoming, today. We went up last night and helped load their car, get tubing for Duane, and bring home a couple of fridge things that won't last 4 months in their fridge. I hope we can go to Yellowstone and then visit them in Cody sometime before the end of September. Do you want to go there, Kristen and Eric? Lauralee works, too bad! Stephanie, do you want to go, depending on work of course?

We're making 14 more 2-cups things of strawberries into jam. Sheena was watching "The Sound of Music" while she was doing it; Kallie and her friend were downstairs watching "High School Musical II" while they were supposed to be doing it. Dad went home teaching tonight.

That's it.



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Kristen said...

I like hearing about the little things that you guys do during the day. Helps me feel like I'm a little closer anyway. Hope Sheena and Kallie are enjoying their summer so far. I would go stir crazy with 7 boys at home, too!!!