Monday, May 26, 2008

The Beginning

Hey, it's my first!

We just finished up four crazy days with 32 people in the same house (at the Homestead). A couple of times the noise drove me crazy. We had fun times, too. "Singles Ward II" was good. Shopping with the women was good. The devotional meeting with Mom and Dad getting a blessing from their sons and sons-in-law was very sweet and full of love.

It was fun to see what each family fixed for their meal. Good stuff.

But it's so nicely quiet now at home. Back to the grind. Now what to do with the girls for summertime, and figuring out the next cub scouts.

Linda Hollingsworth gets sealed to her deceased husband tomorrow, and Barbra Weyerman and her husband go through and get sealed on Friday. We're invited to both.



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Kristen said...

Fun mom!!! Glad you've joined the world of blogging! I'm having lots of fun with it! Well, when I have time to blog anyway. : ) Love ya