Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finishing Off Our Basement

I haven't written for a year and a half. That's awful. Well, we are in the middle of finishing off our basement. Sheena chose it for her senior project. She fulfilled her hours just packing up everything and taking it out to the Homestead. And there are so many hours yet to come! Lawrence and I shopped for almost everything at Home Depot last Saturday. It cost $1500, after a 10% discount for opening a Home Depot credit card. We get 5% of things we buy now. We will put a toy closet, a game closet, and a blanket closet in the hallway and finish off the furnace room with some new shelves and the old clear containers. I'm excited about it. Right now Lawrence is doing the electrical and filling and painting the cement walls of the furnace room. Then he'll do drywall and plywood for the closets. We'll do some type of flooring in the furnace room, too. We've been in the house almost 29 years so it's about time we finish the basement!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun, busy project! Good luck with it all. ;-)