Sunday, August 21, 2011

A YEAR?!?!?

I cannot believe I haven't written for a year. That's pathetic. I did write lots in January and February and March when my niece's girl, Charis, was badly injured in a car accident and was recovering (see

SOOO, in the meantime our oldest girl Stephanie married Morgan Graf Zollinger on March 12, 2011.

Our second, Kristen and her husband, Eric and two little cuties are living in Spanish Fork, Utah. We are so thankful for Eric's good job at Temkin International in Payson, Utah (

Our third, Lauralee, graduated Cum Laud from BYU's Business School in Business Management. She had a job before graduating in Salt Lake at Whipple Superior Service ( She's one of the main accountants now, working many, many hours every week.

The other two have done well in school and church and home. One was in the play of Willy Wonka, and got her license. The other loves reading.

Our old van's transmission died and after three unsuccessful attempts at repair, we got another van. This one is silver.

Man and I are working well.

He is still at Valley Implement and Irrigation ( He takes care of the computer warranty submissions, and is the substitute service manager, the substitute equipment manager, plus a service technician. He takes care of the company's tools and books, and installs new service software on to the computers. He's been there 23 years. He's soft-spoken and a great helper.

I have had a crisis or two this year, but things are getting better, I think. We live in a world of imperfect people, including myself, don't we. ; )

This summer we had wonderful vacations at South Lake Tahoe, California, with the Andersens and Flaming Gorge, Utah, with the Hiltons. Also in the Fairview, Utah, mountains with my Green cousins. It cost a lot, but they were all worth it.

Now we're facing winter again. In June and July we had SO much rain, that all garden things and farmers fields are WAY behind the usual harvest dates. We had a great raspberry crop at the Homestead (Lawrence's parents). We sold them for $30 a case this year. I talked my man into a "Sabbatical" for our garden. That means every seven years the land (and you) rest. So we planted nothing. It's been heavenly and a little crucial for us. Every marriage needs that every seven years.

I love the Church, it's teachings, it's Priesthood, and it's Book of Mormon. I love to read some every day.

That's it for now.



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Kristen said...

That was fun to read. You're a good writer.