Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baptism and Swine Flu

Well Kallie survived swine flu. She fevered last Monday, Tues, & Wed. Her fever would get high in the mornings, well, all day, I guess. She coughed, head hurt, ached all over, not so fun. BUT she loved being home with Mom and reading a lot and being forced to watch then enjoy "Anne of Green Gables".

Today Kassidy got baptized. She's such a cutie. 'Twas great to see Kit (Kris' sister) and some of her kids and some of Camie's (Kris' other sister). Devin and Morgan were there, too. YEA! It was so noisy after the baptism at their house with all those little Andersens everywhere. I couldn't hear my phone ring and I was by it peeling pears! We missed Heather and new baby Kevin, but will catch up with them sometime. Lauralee was in a self-imposed isolation with a cold, so she didn't come. We served pears and apples from our trees. The pears were a bit hit.

I'm glad to be home. YEA, BED!

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