Thursday, September 10, 2009


My daughter did this and I thought I would, too:

1. I stash chocolate in the cupboard just for when I need it!
2. I like to treat myself out to eat when I go places.
3. Deseret Industries is a money trap for me--it's my favorite store.
4. I will take naps EVERY time I can get one.
5. I like to read on the pot for a long time.
6. I really like to sing at the piano all alone in the house to Heavenly Father and Jesus.
7. My poor house plants have been resurrected so many times--they're incredible.
8. Sometimes I don't brush my teeth at night.
9. I yell with joy the first day of school when everyone's gone.
10. I wish I could live in the temple.

1 comment:

Kristen said...

That was a pretty cute list, mom. If I had a chocolate cupboard I would be eating "dessert" after every meal!

Eric never brushes his teeth at night... too much of a hassle, I guess.